Students Graduated Students

Graduated Students

Graduated Ph.D. Students:

1. Peter Sholander (1995) 

Research Topic: Characterization and Minimization of Jitter and Wander in SDH Networks

2.Won Bae Park (1996) (collaborated with Dr. Ellen Zegura in College of
Computing, Georgia Tech)

Research Topic: Synchronous Digital Hierarchy Network Cross-Connect Algorithms

3.Chris Autry (1997)

Research Topic: Minimizing Jitter and Wander in SONET/SDH Networks Via an All-Digital Desynchronizer

4.Berdenia Walker Stanley (1997) 

Research Topic: Hierarchical Multiway Partitioning Strategy with Hardware Emulator Architecture Intelligence

5.Jong Il Park (1998)      (Co-Advised with Dr. Steve Wicker, Cornell)

Research Topic: Trellis Based Soft Output Decoding Algorithms for Concatenated Coding Systems

6. Brian Barnes (1999)   

Research Topic: Real-Time Resource Management for RSVP/ATM Edge Devices

7. Myung Choi (1999)       

Research Topic: Traffic Flow management for RSVP/ATM Edge Devices

8. Robert Johnston (1999) 

Research Topic: A Traffic Generation Algorithm for SDH Digital Cross-Connects

9. Ozgur Gurbuz (2000     ) 

Research Topic: Power Control Based QoS Provisioning for Wireless Multimedia Networks

10. Seong-Ho Jeong (2000) (Co-Advised with Dr. John Copeland)

Research Topic: Flow Management for Voice/Data Transport over UDP/TCP Based Networks

11. Bernd Koehler (2002)  

Research Topic: Best_Effort Traffic Engineering in Multiprotocol Label Switched Networks

12. David Barlow (2002)     

Research Topic: Router-based Traffic Engineering in MPLS/DiffServ/HMIP Radio Access Networks

13. Vasos Vassiliou (2002)

Research Topic: An Integration Framework and a Signaling Protocol for MPLS/DiffServ/HMIP Radio Access Networks

14. John Levine(2004)

Research Topic: A Methodology for Detecting and Classifying Rootkit Exploits

15. Weilai Yang ( 2004) (Co-Advised with Doug Blough

Research Topic: Pricing Network Resources for Differentiated Service Networks

16. Sven Krasser  (2004)

Research Topic: Adaptive Measurement-Based Traffic Engineering in Packet-Switched Radio Access Networks

17. Jerapong Rojanarowan (2005)

Research Topic: Best-Effort Traffic Engineering in MPLS based Networks

18. Julian Grizzard (2006)
Research Topic: Re-establishing Trust in Compromised Hosts

19. Hayriye Altunbasak (2006)

Research Topic: Layer 2 Security Inter-layering in Networks

20. Brian Rivera (2007)

Research Topic: Using Terrain and Location Information to Improve Routing  in Ad Hoc Networks

21. Ying Xia (2008)

Research Topic: Establishing trust in Encrypted Programs

22. Yu-Xi Lim (2009)

Research Topic: Unified Distribution of Pseudonyms in Hybrid Ephemeral Vehicular Networks

23. Kevin Fairbanks (2010)

Research Topic: Forensic Framework for Honeypot Analysis

24. Michael Notawaski (2010)

Research Topic: Certificate Revocation List Distribution in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

25. Joe Benin (2012)

Research Topic: Efficient Wireless Location Estimation Through Simultaneous Localization and Mapping